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Scammers posing as the bank- be alert and never give out your personal or banking information.

Here at First State Bank of Forrest, we want to ensure that our customers information and money are secure. This starts with also providing our customers with information on how to protect themselves and different suspicious activities to look out for. Please note, scammers are not just looking for one category of people, they are targeting everyone. It is important to know that we will never call or text you asking or demanding your personal or banking information.

The following information was found from a helpful article (the link is below for more information):

  • "Be alert to the fact that scams exist"
  • "Know who you’re dealing with"
  • "Do not open suspicious texts, pop-up windows or click on links or attachments in emails- delete them'
  • "Don’t respond to phone calls about your computer asking for remote access- hang up"
  • "Keep your personal details secure"
  • "Keep your mobile devices and computers secure"
  • "Choose your passwords carefully"
  • "Review your privacy and security settings on social media"
  • "Beware of any requests for your details or money"
  • "Be wary of unusual payment requests"
  • "Be careful when shopping online"

Please be aware that as a bank, we will never ask you do to the following nor would we ever recommend you to:

  • Save your password or provide us with your passwords
  • Ask for your pin or demand that you tell us your pin
  • Ask or demand to gain access to your mobile device or laptop/computer
  • Ask or demand you to wire out, ACH out, or make an official check out of your account in a large sum of money
    • These are services we offer to you at your discretion, we may ask you what you are using the money for in order to help ensure your safety with the rise of fraud and scams.
    • At any point that you are sending money, you should know with full certainty who you are sending the money to and why
      • Such as buying property or an item that you have physically procured at your own will and have ensured is legitimate, paying a legitimate bill that you may have received service from and inspected the bill for accuracy such as a medical bill or utility bill, or setting up a re-occurring payment for vehicles or property that you have ownership over or a renters agreement for.

If at any point you believe you have been scammed or have fallen victim to fraud, reach out to us immediately so we can help. If you believe that you have been targeted but have not provided the scammers with your information, please still reach out to your local office so we are aware that you have been targeted and can help ensure that your money, information, and accounts are safe. We will most likely instruct you to also reach out to the local authorities as well. Please if you ever have any questions or concerns when it comes to your information, money, and banking- reach out to us because we are always here to help.

When clicking direct email links, do not include confidential information. 

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